Billing / payment support

If you have experienced an issue with payments or billing, please contact Apple/iTunes.


On device technical support

If you are having problems with ...and Little Ones too! please try the following as it can fix most issues:

  • Restart your device. Hold down the sleep / wake switch for a few seconds until a red "Slide to Power Off" appears on your screen. Slide the slider, wait for your device to turn off, and use the sleep / wake button to power on your device again.
  • Try deleting the app. Press-and-hold your finger over the app until the app 'jiggles'. Then press the cross to delete the app.
  • Re-download the app from the app store. Tap 'App Store' on your device then tap the 'Updates' tab. Tap 'Purchased items' and re-download the app. Or search for ...and Little Ones too! [App Store link] on the app store and tap the "Install" button.


Contact us

If the above advice does not help with your problem please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please give as much information as possible such as what kind of device you are using, what version of the app you have (this can be found on the Main Menu screen [bottom right]) and as much information about the nature of the problem you are having so that we can assist you.